The Long Tong (going to the field) Festival kicked off in Lang Nung hamlet, Dao Duc commune, Vi Xuyen district, the northern province of Ha Giang on February 19, praying for a new harvest season, good weather and bumper crops.

The festival started with an incense offering to Sung Khanh pagoda, which was built in 1356 under the Tran dynasty. The pagoda’s epitaphs are recognised as a national treasure.

Held in a large harvested field in the middle of the village, Long Tong requires major preparations before the lunar new year. Long Tong consists of three main parts: an offering ritual which includes a water procession, a ploughing ceremony and folk game playing.

Long Tong plays a significant role in socio-cultural life for ethnic minority people in the mountainous area of Ha Giang. The festival was named national intangible cultural heritage in 2013-VNA