Lotus flower shows tranquil charm in summer heat hinh anh 1Lotus flower shows tranquil charm in summer heat (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – There is nothing more fascinating than wallowing in the picturesque and delicate aroma of lotus bulbs, spreading in the breezes in the heart of the capital city of Hanoi during sweltering summer days.

When lotus flower season comes in mid-summer, the West Lake area in Hanoi becomes awash with blooms, attracting hundreds of people to come to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the flower and keep memories of it by taking pictures.

Hanoians and visitors to the city treasure every moment of the lotus season, even though the season comes every year.
Lotus flower shows tranquil charm in summer heat hinh anh 2Do Quyen adores lotus flower (Photo: VNA)

Do Quyen, a Hanoi lady, adores lotus flower.

“I love lotus flower the most,” she said.

Quyen came to the West Lake so early in the morning as she wanted to take the most stunning moments of the lotus pond.

“Lotus represents for purity, graciousness and Buddhism.”

Being surrounded with pure lotus flowers on a summer morning will make you feel at ease and peaceful.
Lotus flower shows tranquil charm in summer heat hinh anh 3Families bring kids to West Lake to take photos (Photo: VNA)

Besides youngsters, many families with kids also take this opportunity to come and take pictures as they see the lotus flower-growing area in the West Lake very appealing.

Hoang Thi Quyet came to the West Lake-housed lotus pond with her family.

“This lotus pond is very beautiful so we want to keep memorable moments,” Quyet said.

Meanwhile, Dang Thi Hong Nhung said she came to the place every year to take photos with lotus flowers because of the pond’s appealing beauty.
Lotus flower shows tranquil charm in summer heat hinh anh 4Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam (Photo: VNA)

Images of lotus and ladies in charming traditional long dresses have long inspired pictures, poems and music, captivating people all around the world who love natural beauty and Vietnam. 
One is the national flower, one is the national costume and both are symbols of purity, serenity, optimism, anything positive really.

The lotus blossom season is one of the charms possessed by Hanoi in general and the West Lake in particular. The romantic and poetic lotus pond in the West Lake is memorable to not only Hanoians but travelers from far and wide.-VNA
Thanh Nga VNA