Young Vietnamese lovers are hatching big surprises for their other halves on Valentine’s Day (February 14).

In the run-up to the special day, different groups have spawned on social networking sites, guiding their members how to knit scarves, make cakes and craft fancy accessories.

Popular gifts like roses (especially red roses, a symbol of love) and chocolates have seen their prices shoot up.

Expecting bourgeoning demand for “twin items”, numerous shops have cashed in by accepting orders for T-shirts, watches, cups, calendars and hats.

From 4 - 9pm on the day, the Indochina Plaza Hanoi will hold an event themed “Moments of Love” with open-air performances by popular singers and the screening of American romantic comedy “50 first dates”.

Many couples have so far registered to leave their fingerprints in the shape of a heart on a giant tree in the plaza. It will stand 2.5m tall and sit for a long time as a sweet and memorable attraction.

Besides film and music treats, many also eye books as a gift choice. The 2014 Spring Book Fair at Hanoi Library from February 14-16 will display a selection of love-themed stories like “ Hoa hong va ruou vang ” (Roses and wine), “ Mac ket o thien duong ” (Stranded in heaven), and other pieces by popular young writers like Hoang Anh Tu, Phan Y Yen, Han Nhien and Luong Dinh Khoa.-VNA