LTE smartphones the future for Vietnam hinh anh 1With broadband data communication speed and its extended capacity, LTE is capable of dramatically increasing the availability of multimedia services to users and impact on diverse industries by building an IP-based ecosystem. (Photo​: samsung)

Quang Ninh (VNA) - As global sales of LTE smartphones have surpassed 3G smartphones, LTE has become vital in the global telecommunication market and is important for Vietnam’s telecom industry to move with the times from the early stage of network deployment.

Dongsu Shin, vice president and head of Planning, Networks Business Division at Samsung Electronics told the event ‘LTE Technologies and Services’ that Samsung would continue making innovations in the Vietnamese LTE market as a long-term partner.

LTE is one of the latest mobile telecom technologies, also called 4th Generation (4G), providing end-users with mobile data more than 10 times faster than 3G at its maximum speed. This is equivalent to downloading a multimedia file, such as a video of 100 megabytes to a LTE smartphone in 3 seconds.

With broadband data speed and its extended capacity, LTE can dramatically increase the availability of multimedia services to users and impact on diverse industries by building an IP-based ecosystem.

As the number of LTE subscription grows, the mobile eco-system will create more dynamic opportunities for business, so telecom service providers should lay the foundations to make these changes possible.

“Deploying a 4G LTE network does not only mean building the network, but it also means providing consistent upgrades for better user experience while it is also essential to research and apply future ready technologies,” said Professor Nguyen Huu Thanh, Dean of the Communication Engineering Department of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

The event in conjunction with the IEEE Sixth International Conference on Communications and Electronics (IEEE ICCE 2016) to share experience in 4G LTE and beyond between the Republic of Korea (RoK) and Vietnam. As many as 50 leaders from the governments, academia, telecom operators and equipment providers in IT participated and covered various topics.

IEEE ICCE 2016 aimed to share experience in technologies, business, and academic research that LTE-leading countries such as the RoK, which adapted to LTE earlier, have witnessed for many years and to promote activities among academia, industry, operators, and institutes between the two countries.

Samsung participated in the Vietnam-Korea LTE Vision workshop in April in which mobile telecommunication leaders from the government, operators and solution providers in both countries attended to promote interest in LTE technologies. This time, Samsung expanded its activities into academia with regards to the IT industry so that LTE technologies can be adopted and researched while the ecosystem is created in Vietnam.-VNA