The General Department of Customs has imposed new tariff rates on new and secondhand luxury automobiles imported on or after October 18.

Under the new tax directive, the taxes levied on new and used cars increase by 8,000 USD to 22,000 USD per unit.

The General Department of Customs said the issuance of the new tax directive will also help authorised agencies manage tax calculations and avoid trade fraud and tax evasion by importers.
The highest tax increase of 22,000 USD will be imposed on a new Lexus GX460, lifting the total tax to 65,000 USD per unit.

New Toyota Camry and Toyota Venza models would be subject to tariffs of 21,000 USD and 25,000 USD, respectively, an increase of 3,000 USD per unit.

A used Honda Acura ZDX Advance would be levied a tariff of 60,000 USD per unit, an increase of 15,200 USD, while an Audi Q7 would be subject to a tax of 39,000 USD per unit, an increase of 8,000 USD.

By late September, the total number of automobiles imported so far this year had reached 19,800 units, worth 448 million USD, a decline of 56 percent in volume and 47.2 percent in value compared with the same period last year.

Vehicles of fewer than nine seats accounted for 9,880 units of this figure and a value of 104 million USD, a drop of 66 percent in volume and 72 percent from last year.

Imports of completely-built automobiles into Vietnam in September alone stood at 1,980 units, with a value of 62 million USD.-VNA