Made-in-Vietnam goods filling Vietnamese consumers’ shopping basket hinh anh 190-95% of goods on the shelves of major supermarkets in Hanoi such as Co.opmart, Vinmart and Hapro are made in Vietnam (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA)Vietnamese commodities have made up 90% of goods sold in retail outlets owned by domestic enterprises and 60-96% of foreign supermarkets in Vietnam, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), showing that more Vietnamese consumers are choosing Vietnamese goods.

In traditional retail channels, the ratio of Vietnamese goods in markets and groceries is at least 60%. Particularly, since COVID-19 broke out, 76% of Vietnamese consumers tend to prioritise domestic products, especially those with guaranteed quality and health benefits.

Le Viet Nga, Vice Director of the MoIT’s Department of Domestic Market affirmed that the campaign to encourage Vietnamese to prioritise the use of Vietnamese commodities has helped changed domestic consumers and businesses’ awareness of domestic-made products.

Nga underlined that with clear origin, trademark and quality that is comparable to foreign-made products, Vietnamese commodities are winning stronger confidence from domestic consumers.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, the transport of domestic products are much easier, she added.

According to the MoIT, 90-95% of goods on the shelves of major supermarkets in Hanoi such as Co.opmart, Vinmart and Hapro are made in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the ratios range from 60-96% in foreign-owned markets such as AEON, Mega Market and Big C.

In order to further spread the programme of “Vietnamese prioritise Vietnamese goods” in an effective manner, in the time to come, the MoIT plans to organise more trade promotion activities and encourage the application of e-commerce in shopping activities.

At the same time, the ministry will implement an annual programme to identify Vietnamese goods on a national scale with the name "Pride of Vietnamese goods" and "Quintessence of Vietnamese goods" in 2022, with an aim to further enhance the position and competitiveness of Vietnamese goods amid the country’s deep regional and international integration./.