Over 80 percent of stockpiles in Hanoi supermarkets and wholesale hubs are made at home, with various and high-quality brands gaining in popularity.

Tellingly, 90 percent of stationery are made in Vietnam, Dao Van Binh, head of the central steering board for the campaign “Vietnamese prioritise Vietnamese goods”, said at a Hanoi meeting on July 17 to review the drive since it was launched five years ago.

Binh recognised that the campaign has involved all sections in society, successfully spreading its message of using locally-made items.

Many local enterprises have warmly responded to the campaign by embracing technological advances to turn out affordable and better products.

Last year, they brought 526 batches of goods to 13 communes in four outlying districts. This year alone, the capital plans to host 34 trade fairs and bring nearly 500 batches of merchandise to 13 mountainous districts.

In the coming time, the board will continue focusing on clearing several business bottlenecks and bringing more Vietnamese goods to industrial zones in rural areas.-VNA