The press has always been a pioneer in the major and new issues of the country, reflecting the main stream of the society. Given the digital era nowadays, each journalist within mainstream press is still aware of their roles and responsibilities. They have always strived for luring audience into mainstream press regardless of any social contexts.

Having worked as a journalist for 20 years, Pham Huu Quang, now deputy editor-in-chief of Ngay Nay (Contemporary) Magazine and admin of Vietnam Young Journalists’ Forum, has always tossed and turned to bring mainstream press closer to readers.

According to survey results announced in a recent seminar in Hanoi on development of press in the context of social media’s prevalence, 99% of audience craves for objective and precise news which can hardly be found on social media.

Mainstream press has been affected since the introduction of social media. Yet, it has still retained its firm foothold in the communication sector. Still, there is a question in mind of any professional journalists: “How to fulfill its roles and missions given the new social context?”

Given the ongoing digital age, each journalist needs to equip themselves with relevant techniques and knowledge to lure audience into mainstream media.-VNA