Malaysia arrests nine terror suspects hinh anh 1The militants were arrested in February 2019 in the latest round of anti-terror operations by Malaysian police's intelligence department (Photo: Malaysia's Special Branch's Counter Terrorism Division)

Hanoi (VNA) –
Malaysian police have arrested nine terror suspects in a recent campaign in the country.

The head of the force on March 10 said most of the suspects are foreigners, including six of the Egyptian nationality and one of the Tunisian. All of the suspects, aged from 20-54 were arrested in an anti-terror campaign lasting from February 2-7 in Kuala Lumpur and a number of other states. They are believed to provide hideouts, jobs and fake documents for foreign terrorists operating in Malaysia.

Through their investigations, Malaysian police found out that the said terrorists had entered Malaysia with forged documents or fake marriage with locals, with the aim of turning the country into a foothold to support terror acts against other countries or right in Malaysia.

Currently Malaysia is on special guard against foreign tourists after the self-claimed “Islamic State” (IS) was defeated in Iraq and Syria.-VNA