Mohd Fuad's assistant Azman Wahab at the large grave site in Pulau. (Source:

Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – Remnants of what is thought coming from giant humans as many-fold larger than a normal person was discovered in a cave in Pulau Upeh island, offshore of Malaysia’s Malacca state, according to Malaysian historian Mohd Fuad Khusari M. Said.

Mohd Fuad said he discovered some bone pieces in the cave while searching for archeological relics in a mission assigned by the Malacca state government.

The discovery might be another evidence reinforcing information that first settlers in Malacca, including those during the Malay kingdom, have giant-sized bodies.

Based on the skull and length of bone pieces, the remnants could belong to a person with a height of three to five metres.

Mohd Fuad also found two abnormally big tombs, 1.2 kilometres from the cave. The two tombs are 5m in length and 0.5m in width and 20m away.

Earlier, Malaysia discovered some giant tombs in Pulau Besar.

Dr Mohd Jamil Mukmin, chairman of the Malaysian Institute of Historical and Patriotism Studies (IKSEP), said the tombs are much larger than the normal and the reason might be that the buried people have a very large body or they were buried in giant tombs as a way of honouring their contribution to spreading Islamism to the world.

Pulau Upeh once was the headquarters of Java religious leaders, who came to Malacca to open classes on Islamism to local residents and traders in the 15th century.

Most people buried in giant tombs are religious leaders from Yemen.-VNA