Malaysia continues school closure due to heat wave hinh anh 1Scorching heat in Malaysia. (Source:

Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – The Malaysian Ministry of Education has ordered additional 119 schools in the states of Pahang and Kelantan to close on April 20-21 due to an extreme heat wave.

According to the Ministry, the move aims to protect 41,600 students from 30 secondary schools and 89 primary schools in Jerantut district, Pahang state, and Kuala Krai district in Kelantan state, from exposing to the scorching heat, whose temperature is forecast to reach 38 degrees Celsius.

The Ministry also requested schools not to organise any outdoor activities in this situation.

Previously, hot weather forced more than 800 schools in Perlis and Kedah states to close on March 21 after the temperatures in the two states rose to above 37 degrees Celsius.

A particularly strong El Nino this year has triggered hot, dry weather in Malaysia. Temperatures could surpass 40 degrees Celsius, while the nation’s average temperature varies between 20-30 degrees Celsius.

The Meteorological Department has forecast that the conditions will continue until May or June.-VNA