Malaysia is exerting every effort to deal with the increase of smuggling activities along its border with Thailand.

To overcome the problem, the government must enhance border security and tighten several existing regulations and laws, Federal Police Criminal Investigation Department deputy director Mazlan Mansor told reporters on November 5.

He proposed all executive power agencies working in the border increase their cooperation, while exchanging information with the Thai authorities on a regular basis.

Malaysia has taken an array of measures to cope with cross-border smuggling, including furthering patrols and cooperation among the armed forces, Customs Department and the Anti-Smuggling Unit, he added.

However, several weaknesses have been identified, for example random checks of suspicious individuals on means of transportation causing traffic jams.

Footpaths and the Golok River that can be crossed easily in the dry season have made border control activities more difficulty.

The rapid economic growth and the frequent movement of people at the Malaysia-Thailand border have also reportedly contributed to the increase of smuggling activities.

The 640km Malaysia-Thailand border area, which comprises 551km of land border and the remainder being maritime border, has been the centre of smuggling activities operated by organised crime gangs in both countries.-VNA