Malaysia issues refugee medical insurance scheme hinh anh 1Refugees in Malaysia now can get access to medical security following the launch of a new refugee medical insurance scheme. (Source:

Hanoi (VNA) – The Malaysian government has just issued a new refugee medical insurance scheme allowing over 150,000 refugees to get access to medical security.

According to the scheme, the premium is fixed at 164.30 RM (40 USD) annually per refugee, for hospitalisation and surgical coverage of 10,000 RM.

UNHCR representative in Malaysia Richard Towle said the collaboration with RHB Insurance Bhd on the scheme was the correct way to deal with the medical issues faced by refugees in Malaysia.

“This model doesn’t rely on the Government or taxpayers. In fact, it relieves Malaysian taxpayers because the cost of medical treatment is covered through the commercial transaction itself,” he told a press conference at RHB Centre.
Asked how the refugees could afford to pay for the insurance, Towle said while refugees were not allowed to work legally, they often found “3D” (dirty, dangerous and difficult) jobs to sustain themselves.

“We don't encourage people to break the law in this country but the reality is they need to work to survive,” he said.

RHB Insurance Managing Director Kong Shu Yin said the company is targeting 30,000 policies over the first year, adding that more than 500 policies were signed after a week since the scheme was launched,” he said.

As of April, Malaysia had 154,140 registered refugees from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Syria, Pakistan and Somalia.-VNA