The Economist Corporate Network's latest study has ranked Malaysia as the sixth investment destination in Asia and also the sixth in Asia for improved investment climate, the Business Times reported.

In its Asia Business Outlook Survey 2014 (ABOS), Economist Corporate Network - the business advisory service of The Economist Group - found that 34.2 percent of the respondents plan to increase their investments in Malaysia this year while 43 percent plan to maintain theirs. Only 2.6 percent of the respondents intend to reduce their investments this year, while 20.2 percent has no plan to invest in the country.

The survey, which covers 334 of Economist Corporate Network's clients in the Asia-Pacific region, ranks China as the top investment destination in Asia, with 68.7 percent of respondents planning to invest more in the country. This is followed by Indonesia, where 52.6 percent of the respondents intend to increase their investments there.

The third place goes to India, with 45.8 percent of respondents planning to expand their investments there, followed by Myanmar (38.7 percent) and Thailand (35 percent), just slightly ahead of Malaysia.

In assessing the investment landscape, the ABOS ranks Malaysia sixth in the region, where 36.7 percent of the respondents believe that the investment climate in the country is improving, 55.9 percent feel the condition remains the same and 7.3 percent see it as worsening.

Myanmar tops the list, with 76.7 percent of the top executives surveyed saying the investment climate is improving. It is followed by the Philippines (49.1 percent) and China (46.3 percent), Indonesia (39.6 percent) and Vietnam (38.1 percent).-VNA