Malaysia: refugee children unlikely to attend public schools hinh anh 1The National Parent–Teacher Association's Chairman Mohammad Ali Hassan (Photo: freemalaysiatoday)

 Kuala Lumpur (VNA) –​ The National Parent–Teacher Association (PTA) has opposed the idea of opening public schools to children of refugees in Malaysia, “Freemalaysiatoday” newspaper reported on January 10. 

If refugee children who come from different countries are allowed to attend public schools, cultural differences could create problems, said the PTA, adding that the government should hire teachers to teach them at refugee camps and settlements. 

PTA Chairman Mohamad Ali Hassan said sending teachers to refugee camps would keep the cost low. He also suggested that the government should seek a practical way to educate every kid without incurring high costs.

Most of 300,000 refugee children in Malaysia come from Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines. 

According to the Malaysian Government’s regulations, stateless children are not allowed to go to public schools. Apart from educational disadvantages, they also face risks of being recruited by criminal gangs.-VNA