Malaysia rescues 59 Bangladeshi victims of human trafficking hinh anh 1Head of Malaysian Immigration Department Mustafar Ali (Source:
Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – The Malaysian Immigration Department has rescued 59 Bangladeshi people who are victims of human trafficking during a raid in Desa Petaling, said head of the department Mustafar Ali on January 7.

Mustafar said that the raid was launched on January 6 in two apartment blocks. Authorities arrested a Bangladeshi man who was believed to play a managing role in receiving foreign workers to Malaysia to supply to local employers.

Two other suspected men and a woman from Bangladesh were also arrested for supporting and controlling the transportation of the victims to labour agents or employers.

All the suspects were also accused for issuing fake immigration documents. The case is under investigation, added Mustafar.

Also on January 6, a district-level court in Perak State of Malaysia also held a hearing on a man who was accused of being related to a woman trafficking case involving three Vietnamese women.

Lie Haa, 73 from Kampung Pahang, Tapah, Perak State, was arrested on August 1, 2016 in Kampung Pahang for his activities on three Vietnamese women and a Chinese woman aged between 22-44.

If found guilty, Lie Haa could receive 15 years’ imprisonment and a sum of fine. Lie Haa is also believed to earn a living by collecting money from prostitution activities of the four victims, which may bring him other 15 years in prison, beating penalty and an amount of fine.

The court judge Norita Mohd Ardani decided to release the man after he submit 20,000 ringit (about 4,471 USD) of guarantee until the next hearing on January 19.-VNA