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Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – Malaysian security expert Andrin Raj on February 14 warned of risks following theft of two projectors containing radioactive substance Iridium-92.

Iridium-92 has been sought by terrorist groups, including the self-claimed Islamic State (IS), to create bombs, Raj said, adding that the discovery of Iridium-92 in Klang, Selagor state, showed that Malaysia is becoming a main entrepot and a base for extremists.

He stressed that the incident posed a warning to Malaysia as the radioactive substance can be found easily in this country, while it is impossible in other ASEAN nations.

The expert added that the danger of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNe) has become new threats in the Southeast Asia.

On February 11, Malaysian police and nuclear experts found two projectors with Iridium-92 inside in Klang city. The projectors had been stolen from a local company and they were disassembled when discovered. Eight people involved in the case were captured.

Alzafny Ahmad, police chief of Klang Selatan district, Klang city, said that people living near the place where the devices were found were advised to go for health checks.

The Government of Malaysia plans to amend its nuclear energy management law to enhance safety and security in using radioactive materials. The current law has existed for 30 years.-VNA