Music lovers in Vietnam will have a chance to witness the talent of the 15-year-old Malaysian prodigious pianist Tengku Ahmad Irfan during a performance tour of the Malaysian Symphony Orchestra.

Irfan and the orchestra will perform two concerts, one in Ho Chi Minh City on October 31 and the second at the Hanoi Opera House on November 3. In addition, they will give four shows for children at schools in the two cities.

The tour is one activity to mark the 40 th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Malaysia .

The concerts will feature “Ly hoai nam”, a folk song of Vietnam ’s central region besides a work by S.Prokofiev and the Symphony No.9 by Antonin Dvorak, among others.

The 15-year-old artist started playing the piano at 7 and soon after that he also began to compose.

He is pursuing a double major in piano and composition at Juilliard Pre-College in New York .-VNA