Lao Kho village in  Phieng Khoai commune, Yen Chau district, the northern mountainous province of Son La borders with Xieng Kho district, Sam Nua province of Laos. Lao Kho was known as a symbol of the Vietnam – Laos special relationship during the resistance war against French colonialists nearly 70 years ago. Let’s visit a family in Lao Kho, that assisted Lao late president Kayson Phomvihane from 1948-1950.

In Trang Lao Lu’s simple wooden house on the side of a mountain in Lao Kho village, images of Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh, Lao president Kayson Phomvihane and his father Trang Lao Kho are displayed solemnly, together with numerous certificates from both countries’ State and Parties.

Lu is nearly 90 years-old, the oldest son of Trang Lao Kho, a Vietnamese revolutionary activist, who assisted President Kayson Phomvihane and Lao revolutionaries from 1948 to 1950.

Today is a special day for Trang Lao Lu as the historical revolutionary relic site named after his father will be officially inaugurated with the participation of leaders of both countries.

Local people are very proud of their village and with the opening of the relic site, Lao Kho is expected to welcome more visitors, especially youngsters to learn more about the two countries’ relations.

The North Laos Vanguard Division comprising of 14 Vietnamese and Lao official was based in 1948 in Phieng Sa, now Lao Kho village. Leader of the Lao People’s revolutionary Party Kayson Phomvihane stayed in Trang Lao Kho’s house. President Phomvihane and other Lao revolutionaries were secretly sheltered here by local Mong people.

The friendship between Vietnam and Laos has always been faithful, durable and special. In many places in both countries there are numerous stories and marks that tell of the relations of the two countries and people which have been maintained, preserved and passed to young generations of the two sides.-VNA