The ancient Mang Lang Church is an indispensable destination for every visitor when coming to the land of "Yellow flowers on green grass" of Phu Yen. This place is considered as an ancient European space in the heart of this peaceful land.

The Mang Lang ancient church is located about 35 km north of Tuy Hoa city. It was built in 1892 and is one of the oldest churches in Vietnam.

When visiting this place, visitors seem to be lost in an ancient European castle that is only seen in movies. This church was built in the unique Gothic architecture dating back to the 13th century, a special feature that has been rarely on any architectural works in Vietnam.

From a distance, visitors can see the bell tower standing on either side with a solemn cross in the middle - the symbol of the cathedral. The simple gray-green paint tinged with time makes this place even more ancient.

Gothic architecture is clearly shown through many outstanding details. In the center of the front of the church is a large round stained-glass window adorned like a rose. The entrance to the church is domed, with an appearance inspired by asparagus buds. Due to the fluctuations of time, the ceiling of the church no longer retains the original architecture but has been covered with a layer of wood.

The open paths and corridors inside the church are still intact according to the ancient architecture, which is both beautiful and brings a sense of dignity to visitors.

The cathedral is a space of colors. On the four sides are colorful windows, on the wall are pictures bearing the imprints of Christianity. In the center of the cathedral is the solemn statue of Christ.

Not only having architectural significance, but the ancient Mang Lang church is also the place to keep the first printed book in the Vietnamese national language. The book was printed in 1651 in Rome (Italy), is the catechism book "The eight-day teaching" by the clergy Alexandre de Rhodes - who is the father of the national language.

The book is still intact and solemnly displayed in a glass box located in the church cave located in the heart of an artificial hill right in the front of the campus. The church cave also displays pictures of the church in the early days of construction, the delicate carvings, about Saint Andre Phu Yen.

Having been existing for more than a hundred years, experiencing many ups and downs of history, nowadays, the ancient Mang Lang church not only maintains the value of a cultural and spiritual work but also becomes an attractive tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists visiting this romantic land of Phu Yen./.