The Lam Son Dong martial arts sect has been famous for years in Vietnam for its spectacular skills but few people have known about its master, Luong Ngoc Huynh who has been widely honoured in Russia.

In the encyclopedia “Our Millennium’s People” published in 2008 by the Russian publisher Novy Put ( New Way ), instructor and traditional medicine doctor Huynh and doctor Ta Dinh Quang were two Vietnamese people glorified along with 72 others, including Russian Prime Minister V. Putin and Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, who have made great contributions to Russia .

Ten years ago, Huynh brought his extensive and intensive knowledge about martial arts and traditional medicine to Russia to develop his career. He opened a school of martial arts at the Song Hong Trade Centre in Moscow where a large number of Russians of Vietnamese origin were living.

The first performance to show off the sect’s image unexpectedly attracted thousands of viewers. During the performance, Huynh introduced Vietnam ’s traditional martial arts skills, which were different from those of Chinese sects Russian people had known.

After considerable effort, Huynh created a position for the Lam Son Dong sect in Russia . He was invited to teach martial arts skills for overseas Vietnamese as well as policemen, guardians and trainees of the Russian federal martial arts association. At that time, Huynh began to carry out his second career as a traditional medicine doctor.

At first, Huynh only treated his trainees, but then more and more patients came for treatment, that encouraged him to set up a treatment centre. To get permission for official professional practice, he participated in a training course and received a doctor’s certificate in traditional medicine from the Moscow Medical University . Afterwards, Huynh studied neurology and pharmacy.

However, not until 2003, when he started to work in the General Hospital of the Russia Presidential Palace, did Huynh actually have the opportunity to develop his medical career.

Russian press praised Luong Ngoc Huynh as a person who has successfully combined martial arts and traditional medicines to cure thousands of patients in Russia , including a secretary of the Presidential Office, a finance minister and a Moscow mayor. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich presented an eight-bed clinic to Huynh after he was cured.

Currently, Huynh is focusing on conducting intensive research into traditional medicines with a view to building a traditional medicine hospital in Vietnam in the future./.