The Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM) has successfully created a special academic environment where scientists and university lecturers conceive new ideas and train rising talent, according to its executive director.

Prof. Le Tuan Hoa made the claim at a ceremony in Hanoi on August 24 to review its two-year performance.

Also addressing the event, Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan assured that along with the National Key Programme on Maths Development, VIASM is contributing towards a better future for Vietnamese maths.

He said his ministry will prioritise the development of five science-technology fields, including maths research.

Over the past two years, VIASM has drawn 137 researchers, including 40 foreign and overseas Vietnamese mathematicians. It has also published 21 pieces of research in prestigious foreign maths magazines and held 17 short-term training courses.

The institute organised eight conferences and workshops, notably the France-Vietnam maths conference in the central city of Hue and the eighth National Mathematical Congress in the southern city of Nha Trang, with some 700 delegates taking part.

A number of scholarships have been awarded to excellent maths students and scientists.-VNA