A conference was held on March 29 in the central coastal province of Phu Yen to look at measures to promote trade for sustainable aquatic development in the region.

With nine provinces and cities, the region is endowed with a coastline of 1,400 km –making up 43.8 percent of the nation’s total shoreline, and extensive fishing grounds, particularly Hoang Sa and Truong Sa.

Figures from 2012 show the region is home to 46,201 fishing boats and over 200,000 fishermen. The area for aquatic cultivation was estimated at 33,778 ha, producing over 180,000 tonnes of produce worth 27 trillion VND (1.3 billion USD).

Attendees put forth a number of solutions to develop the industry in a sustainable manner, such as restructuring the sector by increasing added value, promoting the links between fishermen and businesses, perfecting the fisheries infrastructure system, and enhancing the quality of human resources.

The application of new cutting-edge technology and bettering policies in the field are two of the measures needed to realise the target, participants said.

Many scientists have also proposed the Government enforces incentives linking high-class tourism and aquatic development with protecting the national sovereignty over seas and islands.

The conference is part of the 2014 Seafood Festival which is underway in Phu Yen province (March 27 - April 2).-VNA