Deputy Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee Dinh La Thang has asked relevant agencies to intensify measures to curb traffic accidents, especially on highway black spots.

In his dispatch on July 18, the Highway Management Department is asked to provide data from the camera system to the traffic police to handle traffic violations while the Ministry of Transport enhances inspection of highway infrastructure management to ensure safety and rescue efforts whenever the accidents occur.

Municipal and provincial departments of transport must intensify management on the operation of transport businesses, and update regulations for their staff.

The request came as a number of severe highway accidents were reported nationwide in recent time, mainly due to speeding, driving in wrong lanes or under the influence of alcohol.

In the first half of this year, more than 10,700 traffic accidents occurred nationwide, killing over 3,900 people and injuring over 10,500. Traffic police handled nearly 1.8 million road traffic violations.

Last year, the country recorded nearly 29,400 traffic accidents that claimed the lives of 9,369 people and injuring 29,500 others.-VNA