Rabies is one of the world’s oldest animal diseases which causes the deaths of 55,000-60,000 people annually, mostly in Asia and Africa, heard a September 27 meeting in northern Hoa Binh province in response to the World Rabies Day 2014 (September 28).

All mammals can be infected with rabies, which causes acute inflammation of the brain, and most infected animals can transmit the virus to other animals, including pets, and people.

Vietnam has experienced a sharp decrease in rabies fatalities over recent years. The number of deaths caused by rabies fell from 400 per year in 1991-1995 to 100 per year in 2010-2012.

So far this year, there have been 50 reported deaths from rabies, a significant drop compared to last year’s 105.

The World Rabies Day presents an opportune occasion to remind everyone of the impact of the rabies virus on wildlife, domestic animals and humans, as well as the importance of being cognizant of the dangers.

Vietnam is striving to become one of the leading ASEAN countries in completely eliminating rabies by 2020.-VNA