Mekong Artists Corp has announced the launch of a weekly cai luong (reformed opera) show starting next month at Ho Chi Minh City's Institute for Cultural Exchange with France, or IDECAF.

"The programme is aimed at both domestic and international audiences," Linh Huyen, director of Mekong Artist, a company licensed to organise art shows among others, said on December 17.

Huyen said the company seeks to play a role in preserving traditional theatrical arts and taking Vietnamese culture to foreigners.

The performance will be on every Tuesday - at 8pm starting on January 7 - with classical pieces of cai luong.

The first show will feature four parts from "Nam thang khong phai" (Not fading with time) - "Tieng trong Me Linh" (The drums of Me Linh), "Duong Qui Phi" (Yang GuiFei), "Nua doi huong phan" (Half a life of prostitution), and "Ben cau det lua" (Weaving silk by the bridge).

Meritorious artists Thanh Sang and Huu Tai will be joined by Giang Chau, Linh Huyen, Che Thanh, and Thy Nhung in the plays.

Mekong Artists also plans to have cai luong plays for children every Sunday starting on January 5.

They will teach children proper behaviour, filial devotion, friendship, and patriotism through plays like "Bong van tho" (The marigold) and "Khu vuon bi mat" (The secret garden.)

"The performances [will be] from 9.30 to 11.30am and hopefully be interesting for children," Huyen said.-VNA