The Mekong Delta has so far this year shipped abroad 2.7 million tonnes of rice worth 1.25 billion USD.

According to provincial Departments of Industry and Trade in the Mekong Delta, the region’s rice is mainly exported to Asian and African markets with an average price of 464 USD per tonne.

This year, the region’s rice output exceeded 18 million tonnes thanks to efforts in controlling diseases.

With the high yield, the region has abundant resources for both domestic and export demand.

Producers in the Mekong Delta have paid attention to anti-dumping, market information, rice processing and storage, and the operation of rice exporters.

Many companies have developed specialized crop production and a large number of localities have expanded their rice-growing area in an effort to raise export capacity.

However, the price of the grain has dropped compared to the same period last year.

The Government has decided to buy 0.5 million tonnes of rice for reserve and help keep market prices for the producers.

Economic experts have said that the rice price will increase again this month.-VNA