Mekong Delta provinces are encouraging local farmers to grow rice sustainably by following a model which will earn them higher profits and contribute to environmental protection.

In 37 pilot areas across ten southern provinces, farmers reported that they have saved 45kg of seedlings and 5kg of fertiliser per hectare during winter-spring crops since 2007.

The rate of crop disease is low, failing to significantly harm growth.

Under this model, the total cost in seeding, tilling, fertilisers, pesticides and pumping systems per hectare is 9 million VND (420 USD), 2 million VND (100 USD) lower than the sum used in normal cultivation.

The per-ha output during two crops per year amounts to 5.6 tonnes, reaping 13.4 million VND (600 USD), up 3 million VND (150 USD).-VNA