The Mekong Delta provinces are taking a number of measures to improve the competitiveness of their farm produce.

The measures include linking materials areas with factories and markets to ensure that between now and 2010 at least 30 percent of rice and 40-50 percent of tra fish are sold under contracts and the rates are set to increase every year. A similar way is also applied to other key products like fruits, vegetables, livestock and poultry meat.

Additionally, the localities are building concentrated production areas together with developing post-harvest technology, stepping up the research and application of advanced science and technology in agro-fishery production, expanding export markets and increasing market forecasting and farm produce quality supervising.

They also focus on promoting trademarks, associating with foreign businesses to enhance competitiveness and develop markets, and increasing the selling of products in the domestic market.

The agro-fishery production has been adjusted to be more friendly with the environment and capable of satisfying the varied tastes of consumers.-VNA