This year, Mekong Delta provinces strive to create jobs for around 400,000 labourers, according to the Southwest Steering Committee.

In order to fulfill the target, which is 100,000 higher than last year, the provinces will change labour structure towards non-agricultural sectors.

Small- and medium-sized businesses, trade villages and cooperatives will be given priority in accessing loans to create more jobs, while disadvantaged groups of labourers will receive more assistance in vocational training and seeking employment.

The provinces will work to improve the quality of vocational training to meet the labour market’s demands.

Sending labourers abroad will be also a solution. The labourers will be carefully trained in professional skills and labour disciplines before being sent abroad. They will receive further assistance in finding jobs after completing their contracts overseas.

At present, Mekong Delta region makes up 14.6 percent of the country’s total vocational training centres. However, 70 percent of the local labour force has not received any vocational training. The rate of unemployment and under-employment in the region is more than 20 percent.-VNA