The Thai Minister of Justice and the delegates from four Mekong nations have launched the Safe Mekong Coordination Center (SMCC) as a centre to prosecute and block illegal drug smuggling in the region.

The Minister of Justice Gen. Paiboon Koomchaya officiated over the establishment of the Safe Mekong Coordination Center (SMCC) along with the personnel from Thailand’s Narcotics Control Board and delegates from China, Laos, and Myanmar.

The SMCC has been established to continue the international cooperation on the drug network suppression in the Mekong region.

It will act as the informant centre for drugs in each nation. Their data and information will be considered by the anti-drugs agencies that will operate to suppress and eliminate the core drug network.

The Minister of Justice said that solving illegal drug issues will requires cooperation from other countries.

He added that he will have the discussion with the delegates from three other nations today about the solution for drugs issue and the suppression of drugs dealers, as well as the operations in the drugs infested areas.

The Minister of Justice also mentioned that he is scheduled to have a multilateral meeting in late February with India, the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia to seek a solution of drugs related issues, especially for the elimination of the manufacturing base and drugs ingredients in the region.-VNA