We are looking at Chrastava Town Primary School in Czechia’s Liberec province which President Ho Chi Minh visited in 1957 to give his regards to 100 Vietnamese cadets studying there.

Two years ago, Vietnamese ambassador to the Czech Republic Truong Manh Son and representatives of Vietnamese People’s Associations in the country sat down with Liberec Province’s leaders to discuss building a statue or stone monument to commemorate the President’s visit.

Meanwhile, a Czech woman living in a small town of Dobris, only 50 km from the capital, is also thinking of President Ho. Twice being in Vietnam, she visited his birthplace. She is visiting Vietnam again this July to visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum as when she was last in Vietnam, the venue was undergoing maintenance.

Vera Dinh said she visited Vietnam twice and went to President Ho Chi Minh’s hometown where he spent his entire childhood.

"I have many Vietnamese friends who teach me lots of things about the late President. He visited our country in the past, Lidice war relic site in particular. As far as I know, most Vietnamese people love him," she said.-VNA