The 10th of October has been an unforgettable day for Hanoians since the capital city was liberated 64 years ago, following years of war against the French colonialists. Despite the passing of time, many veterans and local people can still recall the mix of feelings that came with welcoming the victorious military troops into the city.  

For Major General Nguyen Duc Minh, a former officer at the Hanoi Department of Police, the Hoa Lo prison is part of a lifelong memory that he will never forget. He was imprisoned there in 1949 and five years later, part of the triumphant troop taking over the prison from the French army.

Historian Le Van Lan was born and raised in Hanoi. For him, October 10, 1954 was not only the day he greeted the victory troops, but also the day his family members were reunited after years of separation. One of his two brothers had lain down his life during the war.

So many ups and downs have been witnessed since that memorable day, yet in the hearts of local Hanoians, the “day of return” remains a valuable memory. –VNA