The Geminids meteor showers peaks on the nights of December 13 and 14 when hundreds of shooting stars glow through the sky.

Nguyen Duc Phuong, Secretary General of the Vietnam Astronomy and Cosmography Association, said the best time for viewing the year’s largest and most beautiful meteor shower is around 2 am of December 14 (local time). There may be 120 bright blue Geminids streaking through space within an hour, Phuong added.

In Vietnam , star viewers can watch the Geminids meteor shower from Dec. 6-19, according to Phuong.

There are about eight to ten meteor showers, including Geminids, every year, said Dang Tuan Duy, head of an amateur astronomy club in Ho Chi Minh City .

The best place to observe such showers is somewhere dark, away from light pollution, and with the moon out of the field of vision. The less light visible, the more brilliant the meteor shower will be, he added.

The Gemini meteor shower is an annual celestial event that is regular in its timing and can potentially be visible for days in the late-autumn sky, depending on weather and location.

It is named after the constellation Gemini, which is located roughly the same patch of the night sky from where the shower appears to radiate./.