The Mexican Labour Party on June 15 handed over a statue of President Ho Chi Minh to Vietnam as a gift on the occasion of his 121 st birthday (May 19) and the 100 th anniversary of the day he went abroad to seek pathways for national salvation.

Truong Tan Sang, Politburo member and permanent member of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee’s Secretariat, Alberto Anaya Gutierrez, Secretary General of the Mexican Labour Party, and representatives from the two countries’ ministries and agencies attended the event.

The bronze statue capturing the late President’s image while he was working in the flower garden at the Presidential Palace was made by Mexican sculptor Pedro Ramirez Ponzanell, who also sculpted the life-size statue of President Ho Chi Minh standing at the History Centre of Mexico City in 2009.

Addressing the ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi , the Mexican Labour Party Chief said that the gift manifested the affection of Mexican Labour Party members for the beloved Vietnamese President, a hero of national liberation and an international soldier who made great contributions to communist and labour movements.

One hundred years ago, President Ho Chi Minh left the nation to seek pathways for national salvation, he said, adding that the pathways would be orientations for the country’s development forever.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Le Khanh Hai underlined the significance of the event, which, he said, contributed to boosting the friendship, cooperation and comprehensive partnership between the two countries./.