Colorful masks, paper star lanterns and cylindrical lanterns were popular toys for kids during Mid-Autumn Festival in the past. These traditional toys have an enduring vitality with kids today. As the festival approaches, children can learn how to make traditional toys by themselves at Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi.

For the first time, pupils from Tran QuocToan elementary school in Hanoi have tried to make traditional Mid-Autumn toys with an artisan. The kids listened with concentration and their faces show their excitement.

They are also told about the meaning of paper star lanterns and other toys of the festival.

Vu Tu Minh Thu

Tran QuocToan Elementary School, Hanoi

I’m very glad that the artisan teaches us how to make paper star lanterns, I love events like this.

Ha ThuyHien - Teacher

Tran QuocToan Elementary School, Hanoi

In my opinion, it’s a very meaningful activity. The pupils just visited the Old Quarter of Hanoi and participate in activities celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival, now they are here to make lanterns, and enjoy water puppet shows. We are very excited.

A school programme which helps young kids to understand more about Mid-Autumn Festivals of the past through the works of the French researchers Henri Oger and Albert Kahn Musem will also be held during the event.

Children will also have a chance to talk to history and culture researchers and artisans, and experience traditional games and craft making.

Vo Van Sinh – Artisan

ThanhOai, Hanoi

I think traditional toys which represent Vietnamese culture are very simple but they have very rich cultural values, reminding us of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

The programme will run until October 4.-VNA