A senior Vietnamese military officer affirmed that the Vietnamese army and people have always placed importance on promoting its solidarity and friendship with the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) and the Cambodian people.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Song Phi, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Vietnam People's Army, made the affirmation in Hanoi on March 30 during his meeting with the visiting delegation of Cambodian citizens led by Khun Chhy, former Cambodian Transport Minister.

He affirmed that since the Vietnamese and Cambodian defence ministries signed the protocol on their annual cooperation in 2005, the two countries’ military and defence cooperation has been carried out effectively, helping strengthen the friendship between the two people and armies.

On the occasion, Khun Chhy expressed his thanks to the Vietnam People's Army for helping the Cambodian people escape from genocide.

He attributed the achievements that the Cambodian people and the RCAF attained in the past time to the friendship, solidarity and effective assistance offered by the Vietnamese people and army./.