The ministries of heath, natural resources and environment, and public security have worked together to enhance hygiene in hospitals, as only 54.4 percent of health stations nationwide have been equipped with treatment systems for medical waste water.

The modest percentage is attributed to lack of money and close coordination between ministries, heard a conference in Hanoi on June 18. The function is an opportunity for participants to discuss an array of difficulties and restrictions in the field as well as roll out plans and solutions till 2015.

Director of the Health Environment Management Agency, Nguyen Huy Nga, cited the fact that as many as 95 percent of hospitals have collected, sorted and treated harmful medical solid waste every day, but the rate is much lower in regard to dealing with waste water.

He said it costs a lot of money to build and upgrade treatment systems. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the ministries will focus on calling for investment in building these facilities, along with issuing documents, regulations and guidance on medical waste management.

At the same time, they will tighten inspection in hospitals across the country, Nga added.

Statistics showed that an average of 400-500 tonnes of medical waste is discharged on a daily basis around the nation, with 20 percent classified as extremely toxic.-VNA