Hi-tech crimes have become more common than ever today due to the boom of the internet, heard a conference on combating hi-tech crime in Hanoi on August 22.

According to the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol), criminals using high technology cause annual economic loss of around 400 billion USD, higher than the money that drug traffickers can earn.

The General Police Department on Crime Prevention and Control under the Ministry of Public Security reported that the police detected several major online gambling networks during the 2014 World Cup tournament involving tens of millions of USD.

Deputy Minister of Public Security Le Quy Vuong said the ministry has paid special attention to dealing with this type of crime which is developing more complicatedly under various forms.

Given that, he asked the public security forces to coordinate with the Ministry of Information and Communication and the State Bank of Vietnam to prevent money laundering activities, and assist the Government in controlling the operation of casinos.-VNA