Oil tanker Sunrise 689, which reportedly lost contact after leaving Singapore for Vietnam on October 2, is on the way home, according to the ship’s owning company - the Hai Phong Seafood Shipbuilding Joint Stock Company.

Nguyen Vu Diep, head of the company’s ship management section said on October 9 that the ship is currently in the waters offshore the southernmost province of Ca Mau.

Initial reports said Sunrise 689 was attacked by pirates. The ship was robbed of all the oil while two members of the crew suffered from injuries. The other 16 sailors were unharmed.

Diep said his company has informed relevant agencies and the crew members’ families on the ship’s return, and the crew are expected to land on October 10.

The tanker with 18 crew members left Singapore’s Horizon port at 5:40pm on October 2 for Vietnam, carrying over 5,200 tonnes of oil. However, the company lost contact with the ship only 40 minutes after its departure.-VNA