An open-air concert at the Japan Foundation on October 19 will feature a combination of modern and traditional music, especially Jew's harp.

The concert will be performed by Jew's harp artist Duc Minh, zither artist Tra My and DJs Tri Minh and Sebastien Gesell.

It will begin with the sounds of Jew’s harp and a Vietnamese ethnic minority song composed by Duc Minh.

This will be followed by a fusion of the archaic instrument and electronic music. Minh is a member of an international society of Jew's harp fans.

The programme will feature zither artist Tra My's performance of the Japanese song, Sakura, followed by a collaboration with Tri Minh. The climax will feature all three artists.

Highlight of the concert will be Gesell's performance. The best of Japanese electronic tunes will be shuffled by Gesell in the second half of the concert.

The concert was planned by Tri Minh who started his career as a jazz musician but later explored experimental and electronic music. He is one of the most acclaimed electronic musicians in Vietnam.-VNA