MoNRE looks to cut business conditions hinh anh 1MoNRE looks to simplify business conditions (Photo

Hanoi (VNA) – The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) has proposed the Government to shift one conditional business line, eliminate 36 business investment conditions and amend 15 conditions required for individuals and enterprises, accounting for 44.78 percent of business conditions under the management of this ministry.

Following the Government’s guidance on simplifying administrative procedures and business investment conditions, MoNRE has submitted a proposal to the Government Office and the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) on reviewing and reducing business conditions.

Currently, MoNRE has 18 conditional business lines within the ministry’s State management scope with 163 business investment conditions.

The ministry has proposed to shift the conditional business lines to transport of dangerous goods, including hazardous substances and contaminated substances under management of MoNRE with 22 business conditions.

According to MoNRE, currently, the transport of dangerous goods involves the State management of many ministries and departments, for example, chemical management, fire and explosion prevention and environment. To avoid overlapping management functions and to reduce administrative expenses for organisations and individuals when they are carrying out administrative procedures for dealing with dangerous goods, they shall only have to carry them out at a specialised management ministry in charge of granting permits for the transport of dangerous goods.

The specialised regulators only regulate the standards and will participate in the licensing process of the ministry which is responsible for the licensing of transporting dangerous goods.

In addition, MoNRE proposed to cut 36 business investment conditions, including seven conditions of land, six environmental conditions, six conditions of geological and mineral issues, 15 conditions on water resources, one mapping condition and one condition in the field of hydro-meteorology.

The ministry also asked for the modification of 15 conditions required for individuals and enterprises must ensure the conditions of experiences and working time in the direction of creating favorable conditions for enterprises to select different ways to prove their eligibility for experience and professionalism.

Specifically, the land field with two conditions, the geological and mineral field has one condition, the water resources sector has 11 conditions and one condition of hydro-meteorology.

These modifications focuses on abolishing the business conditions such as conditions requiring individuals working for organisations or enterprises to have insurance, labour contracts, labour protection, possession of specialised equipment, machinery and equipment; or the organisation must have headquarters within a specific area, owning the minimum number of qualified people to undertake the work, especially eliminating conditions related to permits, such as hazardous waste treatment certificates.

According to the MoNRE, with these changes, individuals and enterprises will be facilitated to carry out procedures related to the natural resources and environment sector.-VNA