The 10.8m high statue of President Ho Chi Minh standing tall waving his right hand is the biggest bronze statue in Vietnam . It is put on a 4.5m throne on a 12ha square in the centre of Pleiku city. Behind him is a circle of stone relief with scenes of daily life, production and fighting activities of local people.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Party General Secretary Trong recalled the warm love that President Ho showed to ethnic people in the Central Highlands throughout his lifetime. At the same time, the people see him as their beloved father, who showed them the way to overcome all hardship to gain freedom, independence and a happy life.

The Party leader expressed his belief that with their tradition of solidarity and self-reliance, Gia Lai and other Central Highlands provinces will follow the teaching of President Ho and the revolution path he has chosen towards the goal of a strong country, rich people and a democratic, equitable and civilised society.

The same day, a gong festival took place at the square with the performance of more than 2,000 artists, both professional and amateur./.