Even though the Mid-Autumn Festival is still more than one month away, many big companies have begun to sell mooncakes, the traditional product sold during the holiday.

This year, mooncake producers such as Kinh Do, Thanh Long and Bibica are selling high-grade products with eye-catching designs and luxurious packaging.

The costs for raw materials such as pork, sugar and beans have begun to fall, so prices will not increase much compared to last year.

For instance, Kinh Do Co will introduce the Trang vang (Golden Moon) collection for 2.2 million VND (104.7 USD) per 12-cake box, while Bibica Joint Stock Co will launch the De Nguyet mooncake for 1.2 million VND (57 USD USD) for an eight-cake box.

The Dai Phat mooncake contains expensive raw materials, such as abalone and salanganest nests, are priced at 1 million-1.3 million VND (47.6-62 USD) per box.

Nguyen Ngoc Thuy, director of Thanh Long confectionary company, said the mooncake market is seasonal and that the company's sale volume will remain stable.

This year, the company will bring to the market the Phuc mooncake, priced at 599,000-629,000 VND (28.5-30 USD) for a two-cake box.

In difficult economic times, the key to attract customers is seeking ways to increase quality of mooncake products.

However, many websites have appeared, offering imported mooncakes at discounts of 5-35 percent.

According to local producers, consumers should be cautious about online shopping and carefully check product origin to avoid buying low-quality products.-VNA