Over 25 billion VND have been mobilised in support for fishermen in Truong Sa (Spratly) and Hoang Sa (Pacacel) archipelagos through a programme launched by the Golden Heart Fund of Lao Dong (Labour) Newspaper two years ago.

The “Fishing nets of love for fishermen in Hoang Sa and Truong Sa” programme aims to assist fishermen and fisheries union members in overcoming risks and dangers to continue operations at sea, contributing to defending national sovereignty over the sea and islands.

Last year, nearly 100 fishermen affected by natural disasters or accidents at the Hoang Sa, Truong Sa fishing grounds received aid totalling 8.76 billion VND to repair damaged ships or build new vessels and purchase fishing equipment.

The fund has also presented scholarships to fishermen’s children and financial support to families of fishermen killed or going missing at sea.

In 2013, the fund targets to buy 10,000 life insurance cards and hundreds of hull insurance cards for fishermen worth a total of 10 billion VND.-VNA