Ta Tung Tu ( Left Temple ), located in the complex of King Minh Mang’s tomb at Hue relic site, will be restored through a project which began on August 11.

The project will be implemented at a cost of 7.2 billion VND (roughly 345,600 USD), of which nearly 1 billion VND come from the World Monuments Fund and the rest will be provided by the Hue Relic Preservation Centre.

Built in 1843, the temple is now in bad condition due to wartime damage and natural erosion.

Ta Tung Tu and Ta Huu Tu ( Right Temple ) are places of worship dedicated to high-ranking mandarins under the reign of King Minh Mang, who founded the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945), the last in Vietnam .

Covering an area of over 100 sq.m. the temple is an integral part of the well-matched architecture and solemnity of the complex.

The project, which will run until July, 2012, will be supervised by the Central Sub-institute of Science and Technology./.