A number of geological parks will be recognised as national or global geo-parks by 2030 under the project “geological heritage conservation and geo-park network development in Vietnam” which was recently certified by the Prime Minister.

The seven-year project aims to establish between 25 and 30 geological parks in 37 provinces and cities by 2020, of them five to seven are expected to becertified as national geo-parks, and two to three recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as global geo-parks.
The project will carry out scientific studies on geological conservation, development and management. It also aims to improve the institutional framework and policies on conservation in Vietnam in an effort to increase people’s understanding of geological heritage and the role of geo-parks. Furthermore, the project aims to enhance international cooperation.

The project will draft guiding documents on the procedures required to research, categorise and recognise geological heritage sites.

Scientific and technological solutions will be applied to make proper use of resources, particularly geological resources./.