The third batch of illegal Vietnamese migrants in Russia, consisting of 46 people, left Moscow in a flight on August 17 for their home country.

These people were among 600 Vietnamese arrested during a recent raid by Russian police in Moscow, which targeted illegal migrants working at garment workshops in a market in the east of the capital. As many as 1,000 foreign workers were captured during the operation.

After learning about the incident, the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia has promptly worked with the Russian side to provide supports to the arrested people and complete legal procedure for the soon deportation.

The embassy also sent a working group to the temporary detention site to deal with any problems arising.

Over the past few days, the Vietnamese community in Russia has sent voluntary translators and raised fund for these illegal migrants to return home safe and sound.

Earlier on August 10 and 15, Russian police have sent two groups of 31 and 24 people back to Vietnam .

The remaining Vietnamese citizens will be deported back home soon in the coming days.-VNA