Another 82 high schools in Ho Chi Minh City will offer financial education classes as part of a soft-skills training programme for the upcoming academic year, according to the city’s Department of Education and Training.

The classes are part of the department’s Smart Star project, carried out with the cooperation of Save the Children International and under the sponsorship of the Citi Foundation.

Financial education classes were first offered in four high schools in the 2009-10 academic year, and then 82 chosen to offer the classes.

For the upcoming school year, 10 th graders at all of the 182 high schools in the city will take six 45-minute classes in financial education.

Nguyen Hoai Chuong, the department’s deputy head, said the classes are important in teaching money management skills.

He said that many students live away from home or study abroad, and they need to know how to spend properly and plan for their future.

Many students who have taken the classes have opened saving accounts, according to the Vietnam-based Save the Children.

According to a survey of 5.196 students at 82 high schools that currently hold such classes, 56 percent of them said they made monthly expenditure lists.

The survey showed that 22.8 percent of them had saved 10 percent of their monthly allowances from parents over a three month period.

More than 17 percent of them saved 10-20 percent of their monthly allowances, and 17.2 percent spent only half of their allowances.

Of the students surveyed, 60 percent said that they would use savings accounts and ATMs.

At least 95 percent of 614 students in seven high schools saw the necessity of such skills, according to a survey conducted by Save the Children International. Of those students, 57.2 percent felt confident about their money management.-VNA