More than 70 firms attend Internet of Things summit hinh anh 1Nhập mô tả cho ảnh

More than 70 enterprises attended the Internet of Things solution Summit in Hanoi on September 22, part of a series of IoT events held by Intel worldwide.

The event aims to create awareness on the Internet of Things, which is changing the world from unconnected personal devices to Internet-connected devices which can exchange information with others through cloud computing.

The IoT will offer opportunities in changing business methods and improving living conditions of people and the world in different ways.

"The IoT technology is changing the way we live and work," Larry Cheng, Intel global sales director for transportation, said.

"The IoT is no longer a future definition, but a change happening every day in all areas," he said.

Therefore, Intel would continue to update and innovate its technology to boost development and deployment of intelligent devices, create system-of-system by connecting equipment with cloud computing and opportunities for end-to-end analysis to help changing business models, the director said.

Tran Duc Trung, Intel Vietnam General Director, said that the summit was a bridge to connect Intel and Vietnamese enterprises and partners in exchanging and seeking suitable solutions to agencies and enterprises in Vietnam.

Nguyen The Trung, General Director of DTT Technology Group, said that the IoT played an important role in building a smart nation.

The technology was a breakthrough in integrated collections, analysing data and controlling different systems of a nation to boost national digitalisation, smarter government, as well as development of Vietnamese information and technology sector, he said.

Besides, to create a development environment for the IoT ecosystem worldwide, Intel founded the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance (ISA).

The alliance has more than 400 members and more than 5,000 IoTs were introduced for customers and the IoT partners to build and complete its solutions with cost optimisation and low risk.-VNA